Wreath After Care

by | Dec 15, 2023 | 0 comments

Did you attend one of our Christmas Wreath workshops this year?  Well follow these instructions to get the most from your wreath and with a bit of care you can bring your mossed wreath ring along to our Easter Workshop to re-use and get a fabulous £10 off the ticket price.

  • Freshen up your foliage by ensuring that it stays hydrated.  If the moss feels dry just give it a spray of water to recover.  Check every few days.
  • Keep your wreath outside – it will love the cold and damp weather.  However keep out of harsh winds and full-on rainstorms which may ruin your decorations.
  • Fancy a spruce up – add a string or 2  of battery lights, or a dusting of glitter.
  • If you feel your wreath needs a bit more check your garden for any foliage you can add – evergreens work a treat – so holly, ivy, laurel, conifers also berries and even rosemary is perfect.
  • Do you have young children?  Those naughty elves are partial to eating the fruits and hanging from the wreath!

After Christmas – remove your decorations and either keep the foliage wreath for longer, or replace the greenery with other foliage from your garden.  Alternatively you can strip the wreath back down to the mossed ring and either keep outside or wrapped in a plastic bag in a shed/garage ready to bring out for Easter!


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