When should I book my Wedding Florist?

by | Oct 11, 2023 | 0 comments

handtied wedding bouquet of antique pinks

There’s plenty of reasons to book early and not just for an easy life – you could save money too!

Here’s 5 reasons why you should be booking your florist right now:

  1.  It’s Wedding Fair season – chances are every florist you meet at a fair will be prepared to offer you a deal for booking there and then.  After investing money in the wedding fair stand, fresh flowers, stationery and a whole lot of time, nobody wants to come away empty handed.    A booking on the day saves so much time in administration and marketing just to get your attention later, so always worth asking for a deal.
  2. The prices will go up at some point the next year, possibly around the start of the next financial year so get in quick before the cost of labour and delivery increases.
  3. You are more likely to get the florist you want to work with on your date.  Peak seasons and Saturdays throughout the year will get booked quickly.
  4. Give yourself a break!  Your florist’s advice and recommendations may have an impact on the colours and styles you choose for other purchases such as stationery or décor.  Once your flowers are booked you will have a clear idea and possibly a mood board to refer to, to make your wedding planning a whole lot easier.
  5. If booking ahead you have a chance to get to know with your florist.  What other services do they offer?  Perhaps an opportunity for a 2nd consultation, the chance to view your flowers, or a floral hen party?


My diary is open for consultations throughout October and November.  Are you struggling to visualise your flowers or not sure where to start?  Enquiries cost nothing and you may find the process a whole lot easier than you imagined.

Available to chat most weekdays, book ahead for a video call or face to face meeting.