Flower Arch for Weddings

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Gated archway dressed with flowers and couple kissing underneath 




A Wedding Flower Arch is a big trend that’s not going away anytime soon. Here’s a few of my favourite reasons to consider a floral arch for your wedding day and some cost saving tips too!



      • Creates a natural frame for the couple. A floral arch can provide a beautiful and elegant frame for a wedding couple, making them the focal point of the ceremony. This is especially helpful if you are having a small wedding or if you want to create a more intimate atmosphere.

      • An Instagramable back drop for your day. Watch your wedding guests posing “for the gram” all day long in your fabulous arch. Why not create a hashtag and encourage everyone to tag you in their posts for an instant unofficial wedding album.

      • Provides a blank canvas for the florist. A wedding flower arch gives the florist a blank canvas to work with, allowing them to create a truly unique and stunning design, inspired by your vision. You can choose the flowers, colors, and style of the arch to match your wedding theme or personal style.

      • Symbolizes love and commitment. A floral arch is often seen as a symbol of love and commitment, as it represents the joining of two people together. The arch can also be seen as a doorway to the future, as it marks the beginning of the couple’s new life together.

    Eltham parish church with flower arch installation 





    Eltham Parish Church flower arch installation

    Floral Arches come in many shapes and sizes. It is possible to hire a freestanding structure, create one from scratch or dress an existing arch, doorway or gazebo at your venue.

    Your florist will be experienced in installing your archway. Consideration needs to be given to weight, stability and balance when adding materials, plus a tried and tested method of keeping fresh flowers hydrated. If installation is outside the weather will be another factor to consider.


    The Eltham church arch pictured was a bespoke and organic arch designed for a wedding couple last Easter time.  The design “grew” from large planters which were filled with compost.  Contorted branches and twigs were used to create the shape and stabilise the fresh materials.  I used a combination of Spring plants at the base and all other stems were placed within the twig structure.  This arch was created completely using eco-friendly products and had the added bonus that the base planters could be taken away and enjoyed by my couple after their day!

    An autumnal floral arch of orange roses and foliage created at a hotel entrance 





    Brandshatch floral arch

    How much does a Wedding Arch cost

    For an all over design of florals expect to pay anything from £1000’s plus. However it is possible to create a more economic arch with a few strategically placed floral arrangements. Be open about your budget and let your florist tell you what they can do to achieve your expectations.

    moongate arch dressed with flowers for wedding ceremony 





    Moongate Arch wedding flower arch

    Considering a Wedding Arch for your special day? It costs nothing to make an enquiry – pop me an email!