Wedding Flowers: Behind the Scenes

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Have you ever wondered what goes into preparing for your wedding flowers. As these are not an “off the shelf” item I thought I would share with you some behind the scenes insight.

Assuming your wedding is on a Saturday I would usually kick off my week on the Monday with some admin and planning:-


This would be a good day to have a final check in with the bride. Experience has taught me that guest numbers change constantly and it’s always a good idea to check the number of tablecentres or any last minute buttonholes. Monday is also a good day to collect and clean any vases or sundries that I need for the week ahead.


Tuesday is the day when the wholesaler will be filled with new deliveries from the Dutch markets so this is a good time for me to start ordering fresh flowers for the week ahead. I will spend time calculating exactly how many of each flower type I need to use across the whole wedding and order the bulk quantities. It is time to consider the weather – what day is the best day to have the flowers delivered and how will they look on the Saturday, every flower has different needs. If you want lilies for example I would need to buy them at least a week ahead for them to have time to open.


First deliveries arrive! Behind the scenes you will find me drowning in boxes, some weddings require 1000’s of flower stems. Each and every stem has to be cut and conditioned, every rose stem will be stripped of thorns and foliage! It’s a great time to grab some photos for my social media especially when the flowers are slightly unusual or luxury.


First prep day. Your venue flowers are first on my list and I will often “green-up” all the tablecentres and pedestal arrangements before adding the flowers. Working a day ahead on these arrangements will give some of the larger flowers time to settle in and open for the day.


The day before – time for all the bridal bouquets, buttonholes, corsages, any hair crowns and last minute fiddly bits. All of the flowers need to be hydrated and cool until the following day – this often means the buttonholes will need a fridge or cool room right up until the last minute. Friday is usually a late night!


This is usually an early start! Time for the final quality check – any wilting or damaged flowers are replaced in the bouquets before they are wrapped in your chosen ribbons and then packaged for delivery. Everything is photographed and labelled with any care instructions added. Flowers are packaged into bridal delivery, church and/or venue with everything checked and double checked. Then it’s onto packing the vehicle – that’s a whole other blog!

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