When to book your florist

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orange bouquets for orange and coral wedding

Styling your Autumn Wedding

I personally like to be involved right from the start, as soon as you have booked your date and venue.  At this stage I have a chance to open your mind to a whole range of colour palettes to suit your theme.  No longer are we looking at a monochromatic white bride, pink bridesmaid theme but exploring a whole range of colours, tints, tones and shades.  By referring to the colour wheel there are endless choices to blend/harmonise or even contrast, to suit every personality type.  This is where your wedding becomes unique and stands out from the crowd.

Your personal colour palette will then inspire your flower choices which in turn will give you more options, every flower has light and shade, foliage or no-foliage.  After booking I like to equip my brides with a personal mood board so they can shop in confidence for all of their wedding items.  After all it is much easier to match a printed item or ribbon to a flower than create a flower in a manufactured colour!

So book early, share your aspirations and Pinterest boards for your ideal wedding.  Wedding flowers are usually a journey, rarely do we book everything at the initial consultation, this is a chance to explore the options and consider your budget, aim to confirm the majority of your order around 6 months before and there is still time to tweak the final details before you pay the final bill.

Having said all this, I do love a challenge so if you are looking for a florist for the middle of next week it is worth giving me a call!  Midweek dates are usually available at fairly short notice.