Care of Olive Trees UK

by | May 20, 2021 | 0 comments

Olive Trees are surprisingly hardy in our unpredictable weather and mature trees need very little care.  If you are buying a young tree just a few tips to nurture whilst it develops.

1. They are ideal to keep in pots and easier to care for at this stage

2. Don’t let the soil dry out – keep moist but at the same time don’t allow the roots to become waterlogged.  Use a pot stand to ensure they don’t sit around in standing water.

3. Feed every 6 months or so – (most plant food can just be added to the water – easy!)

4. Once established your tree will survive our winter but at the early stages you might want to take extra care.  You could bring indoors or keep sheltered in a greenhouse.  Alternatively cover the pot with a hessian cover or similar.

Enjoy your tree – the first few months if early Summer should see a growth spurt before it slows down.  Fruit is expected after 2-3 years!