Our Top 5 Flowers of the Season

by | Apr 23, 2018 | 0 comments

With Spring flowers sadly coming to an end. Here’s a few of our favourite blooms not to miss right now

1. Peony – everyone’s wedding favourite flower – it is so sad when I meet a Winter bride who excitedly tells me that peonies are her favourite flower. If you are having a May/June wedding then peonies are MUST HAVE for glamour, fragrance and just pure luxury.
2. Sweet peas – deliciously fragrant – put a jar of them in every room! However they are have a very short season – blink and you’ll miss out.
3. Stocks – again they smell amazing and are an absolute must for Summer bouquets and vases – available in pastels and brights. You can find these right up until August
4. Hydrangeas – nowadays you can find hydrangeas throughout the year but Summer is the best time for the bright colours. Beware – just as their name suggests they love to be hydrated, they drink water through their petals too so give them a mist to keep them looking good for longer.
5. No 5 is one of my go to flowers to create a talking point – the celosia! I love putting these in bouquets – huge velvety blooms that you cannot resist touching. Available in bright pinks, yellows and oranges.

Other flowers of the season to look out for are Nigella, Alium, Delphinium/Larkspur and growing wild you will be able to find poppies!